HVAC Schools In Georgia

Georgia is a hot sticky state of the south. No question about it. I can not guarantee that you will get a job if you become an HVAC tech in Georgia, but I can guarantee you that on any given summer day there is a heck of a lot of work for HVAC techs to do. On to the subject of what HVAC schools in Georgia you have to choose from.

The average temperatures by month in Georgia are in degrees fahrenheit are: January 45, February 49, March 56, April 63, May 70, June 77, July 80, August 79, September 74, October 64, November 56, December 48, which would give you the opinion that the temperature is quite mild. You need an air conditioner there just to get the humidity out of the house. Keep in mind, that in Greenville Georgia, on the 20th of August, in 1983, it got up to 112 degrees.

Because of the extreme use of conditioned air, HVAC licence and certification requirements in Georgia are quite stringent.

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Here Are The Georgia Schools.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is located at 2802 Moore Hwy, in Tifton. At last count there were 3394 students. To go there costs $9,165 in tuition each year. With an average annual high of 76.8°F you can bet it will be hot enough to practice working on plenty of AC units. When you are in town checking out the school, make sure to stop by the Tift House and check out the wood work. Cover your ears before they blow the train whistle. You will know what I mean when you hear it. It is loud.

In Albany Georgia, you will find Albany Technical College. The 3894 students show up at 1704 South Slappey Boulevard for training. The tuition is a shockingly low $462. The average daily high temperature, is even higher than Tifton at 78 degrees. A good place to hang on the weekend is Tift Park Community Market, they have live music and home made items. They are pet friendly too.

If you love botanical gardens like I do, then Athens technical college in Athens Georgia at 800 U.S. Hwy 29 North. The school has 4563 students. Tuition is a bit more at $6,188. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a beautiful place. The herb garden there is legendary. Make sure to check out the Fruitland Orchards while you are there.

Atlanta Technical College at 1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta,
has 4859 students. The $2,780 in tuition will get you an HVAC education that will allow you to practice your craft. The time spent there will give you an opportunity on the weekend to sneak away to the Fox Theatre with world class acoustics and amazing performances all summer long.

Augusta Technical College can be found at 3200 Augusta Tech Drive in Augusta. The Savannah Rapids Visitor center is a great place in town to get oriented to the area. At $8,643 for tuition you will want to make a good decision that this is the town to settle down for school in. A solid 77 degrees F high temperature will keep the AC units at the school working away. There are 4379 students attending the school.

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The Central Georgia Technical College in Warner Robins will set you back $2,989 for tuition. It is at 80 Cohen Walker Drive in Warner Robins. There are 7796 students going there. It has a toasty average high of 75 degrees Fahrenheit which means that a lot of the summer the HVAC units will not be turning off. The museum of Aviation is a cool spot to spend a warm summer day in-doors learning about the history of flying machines.

If you are in the city of Marietta, you may end up at the Chattahoochee Technical College along with the other 10,470 students. It is located at 980 S Cobb Drive Dr SE, and costs $2,574. A great place to hang out or grab dinner is the nearby Marietta Square which is famous for being a movie set for many movies.

Coastal Pines Technical College can be found at 1701 Carswell Ave, Waycross, You will notice the town has one of the highest average high temperatures in the state at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Grab lunch at the Okefenokee Swamp Park in the picnic area before you hit the parks entrance. A great place to eat and study.  Just remember to bring some bug spray to keep away the yellow flies.

Columbus Technical College is located at 928 Manchester Expy, Columbus,
The cost per student is $8,499, There are 3739 students at the school.

Fortis College – Smyrna is located on Cobb Parkway, in Smyrna. There is an amazing rails to trails trail nearby called the Silver Comet Trail. There are only 617 students. The fee per student is $20,785.

At One Maurice Culberson Drive, Rome, sits Georgia Northwestern Technical College. Their tuition weighs in at $4842 per year and they have 6051 students. An interesting tidbit is that there is a WW1 soldier buried nearby at Myrtle Hill Cemetery. His mom did not want him buried at Arlington, so he was buried there.

Georgia Piedmont Technical College can be found at 495 N Indian Creek Dr, Clarkston. They charge $8,340 in tuition for their 4431 students.You may want to grab a Corned Beef Ruben at Brockett Pub House and Grill.

Gwinnett Technical College is located at 5150 Sugarloaf Parkway, in Lawrenceville. You can join the other 7180 students stopping by the packed Local Republic, where they converted an old gas station into a cool new restaurant. The tuition is $6,152.

For the more techie minded, the Interactive College of Technology-Chamblee on Peachtree Rd, in Chamblee costs $11,537 a year, but you will share the stage with only 383 other students. Chamlee is a quaint place where you won’t feel like you got lost in the crowd.

You will find Lanier Technical College at 2990 Landrum Education Dr, in Oakwood, Georgia. The tuition is $5,872 and there are 3579 students there. If you want some good fishing tips in town from a professional angler, stop in at Oakwood Bait & Tackle. They have a stellar reputation at getting people and fish together.

Laurus Technical Institute is located at 523 Church Street, in the town of Decatur. You will join only 477 other students. The price goes up a little as the number of students goes down. The tuition is $18,156. You can grab lunch at one of the healthiest places around, Dekalb Farmers Market, which is plum full of every vegetable and fruit you can find anywhere.

Lincoln College of Technology-Marietta and its 267 students come together at 2359 Windy Hill Road, Marietta. The tuition is $12,992. There is a recommended spot for some southern “Down-Home” Columbian Cooking. Go near the Square and ask where the Columbian down home restaurant is.

In Moultrie, you will find the Moultrie Technical College on 800 Veterans Parkway North, Moultrie. There are 2058 students. The tuition is moderate at $5,426. They have a nice high average high temperature in town of 77 degrees. If you get a chance while you are in town go to Morrison Pines Plantation for lunch. They have great bird hunting and lunch.

Here is a list of the rest of the schools in Georgia that we do not know as much about, but still could be just as good or better than the ones mentioned:


North Georgia Technical College
1500 Georgia Hwy 197 N, Clarkesville.
$3,104 Tuition.

Oconee Fall Line Technical College
1189 Deepstep Rd, Sandersville,
1869 students.
Tuition $2,536

Ogeechee Technical College
One Joseph E. Kennedy Blvd, Statesboro,
2216 students.

Savannah Technical College
5717 White Bluff Rd, Savannah,
4784 students
$4,555 in tuition

South Georgia Technical College
at 900 South GA Tech Parkway, Americus,
with 1828 students
$3,429 for a year of school.

Southeastern Technical College
3001 E First St, Vidalia,
student 1533

Southern Crescent Technical College

Hint, if you get bored at school, after school go to the Griffin Lanes for a cool drink and some wholesome fun.
501 Varsity Rd, Griffin,
students: 5177
$9,680 tuition

Southwest Georgia Technical College
15689 US Hwy 19 North, Thomasville,
students: 1546

West Georgia Technical College
176 Murphy Campus Blvd., Waco,
students: 6915

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College 4089 Val Tech Rd, Valdosta,
students: 3966