HVAC Education and Training Requirements in Georgia

Geogias STATE WEBSITE AT THIS LINK will give you the exact information you need. Please review it with an attorney to make sure you understand it perfectly. This page is being made for informational purposes to help you informally start to gather information on your career path

Georgia law: 121-2-.03 Conditioned Air Contractor License states among other things:

To obtain a Class I (Restricted) or Class II (Non-restricted) conditioned air contractor license, a person can either fulfill all requirements through experience as an apprentice or trainee, or they can replace part of those years of experience, with time spent in an approved HVAC educational institution.

The training laws are very exact. Most of the training in Georgia is expected to take place on the job. It is very hard to learn physics, and mechanics on the job for the first time. I can not recommend highly enough that you put in your time in the class room first, so the HVAC field work will make sense.

I don’t want to imagine you, working at Disney World’s Epcot center, on a major system, and realize that you do not know how to calculate the size of the system, and the diameter of the vents and flow rate through them to cool the French Pavilion and the hundreds of thousands of guests that go there each year to watch the movie on France.

If you go to one of the Georgia HVAC tech schools time to replace years as follows:

Going to an engineering or engineering technology school, you can in come cases use that credit to replace 2 years of experience.

A a vocational-technical school, is able to replace 1 year of the normal required experience.

The State of Georgia’s licensing board can give you the exact info you need so you don’t waste years of your life doing the wrong thing.


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